Australia TGA Updates Public Information on Inactive Ingredients in Medicine Formulations

30 April 2020, The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of Australia has announced the release of important formulations on biological products and medicines on its website.

The intention of the release was to allow access for the public to check information on the ingredients in the medicines. This access will enable the public to make informed decisions on the medicine they consume.

Previously, the ARTG summary of the website contained information on active ingredients that provide the efficacy of the product.  The latest addition includes the non-active (excipient) ingredients too.
The functions of the non-active ingredients include binding, flavouring, preserving, or coloring of the medicine.

The transparency allows discussion between the public and health professionals on their medicines.

The public can locate the  ARTG summary of medicine on the TGA website by searching for the product’s name or the AUST number on the label:-

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