Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2020 draft approved by the Chinese Pharmacopoeia Commission

The Chinese Pharmacopoeia Commission has announced the Approval of Chinese Pharmacopoeia Version 2020 Draft during their  11th Executive Meeting.

The meeting which was held on 9th April 2020 introduced new and modified content in the  National Pharmacopoeia 2020 as well as the process and key considerations of the draft.

The new list aligns with the latest iterations of the National Essential Drug List (NEDL) and National Reimbursement Drug List (NRDL). The newest edition included 319 entries, 3,177 revisions, 10 exclusions, adjustment and merging of 4 varieties for 5,911 in total. The 2020 edition is addressing the collection of pharmacopoeia varieties, which complies with the requirements of the essential medicine catalog and basic medical insurance catalog.

The edition included categories such as Chinese medicine, chemical drugs, biological products, technical requirements, guidelines, and medicinal excipients.

The implementation of the latest edition will help to protect the safety of public medicine and raise overall China’s pharmaceutical standards.

The latest edition will also boost the penetration of China’s pharmaceutical products in the international arena and transform its position as a powerful pharmaceutical country. It will also improve China’s national drug standard and safety.

More information pertaining to the Chinese Pharmacopoeia Version 2020 Draft can be accessed here:-

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