FDA to study Social Media Giant “Instagram” influencers and their disclosures.

It is confirmed that 2 studies would take place mainly focusing on Instagram influencers and how their audience perceive what they say and endorse.

This is part of OPDP’s efforts to better understand and relate to whether the presence of a disclosure of a payment status influences participant reactions.

As it’s evident that many celebrities and models often post a photograph of themselves alongside sponsored clothing or medicines.

It is important to have a disclosure on whether it is a paid advertisement alongside proper risk information for any posts involving consumable drugs or medication.

For both studies, the FDA said that they will manipulate the explicitness of the disclosure so it will be direct, indirect or absent.

The 1st study will be looking at an Instagram post for a fictitious endometriosis product and gauge followers’ perceptions and attitudes towards the product.

The 2nd study would focus on print direct-to-consumer (DTC) ads for a fictitious acne product. The effects of endorser type and payment disclosure would be their key focus of study.

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