Philippines FDA Publishes Update on Transfer or Refund of Payments 

The Philippines Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued FDA Circular No. 2021-027, which is the revised guidelines for the transfer and refund of payments made to the FDA. The circular was published in December 2021. 

The circular provides some information for all concerned stakeholders on refunds’ claims and payment transfers made in FDA offices and authorised payment channels. 

Some key points to note are that the requests for transfer or refund need to be done within 90 days of payment and that these requests will not be entertained once the FDA has provided their services. This is also applicable to applications that have been cancelled or discontinued. 

FDA Circulars 2017-008 and 2017-009 are revoked following the issuance of FDA Circular No. 2021-027. 

More details can be found in “FDA Circular No.2021-027: Revised Guidelines for Transfer or Refund of Payments Made to the Food and Drug Administration, December 2021”: https://www.fda.gov.ph/fda-circular-no-2021-027-revised-guidelines-for-transfer-or-refund-of-payments-made-to-the-food-and-drug-administration/  

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