Singapore HSA Publishes Guidelines on Voluntary Electronic Labelling for Complementary Health Products

The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) Singapore has published a guidance document on voluntary electronic labelling for complementary health products (CHP) in March 2022.  

Electronic labelling, also known as e-labelling, is information regarding a product that is available electronically. For example, QR codes, which are codes that can be read by a machine, or URLs which can provide product information. The use of e-labelling enables consumers to obtain information regarding a product in a convenient and efficient manner via devices such as smartphones, laptops, and others. 

It is the responsibility of companies to ensure that these e-labels are accurate and match the latest approved product leaflet. The websites used to publish the information must comply with the Medicines Act, Medicines (Advertisement and Sale) Act and their subsidiary legislation.  

More details can be found in “Guidelines on Voluntary Electronic Labelling for Complementary Health Products, March 2022”:  

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