Singapore launches new E-FORM for Therapeutic Products(TP)

Health Sciences Authority (HSA) Singapore launches a new online form to enable submission of post-approval documents/data of therapeutic products (TP) registration conditions.

The applicants need to fill up 9 fields in the short form which allows multiple registrations for multiple products. The same form is applicable for multiple products provided all products fulfill the same registration condition.

Registrant may access the online form with a CorpPass credential. The CorpPass credential is the same as when registrants access PRISM to submit applications for TP. HSA protects confidentiality through CorpPass.

All registrants will receive an email reminder pertaining to outstanding registration from 1 May 2020 onwards. Applicants are not required to  reply to the email instead submit documents via the e-form.

The form can be accessed at!/5e815490ed9a570011b43a25

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