Singapore MOH, HSA, and IHiS Publish Guideline on Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

The Ministry of Health (MOH), the Health Sciences Authority (HSA), and the Integrated Health Information Systems (IHiS) have co-developed and published a guideline on artificial intelligence (AI) in October 2021. The guideline is called “Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Guidelines (AIHGle)”. 

The AIHGle is pronounced as “agile” and can be used by developers and by those utilising AI in the healthcare industry. The guideline is to be referred to alongside the current HSA regulatory guideline, AI Medical Devices (AI-MDs), and its regulatory requirements.  

The main aim of AIHGIe is to provide a set of recommendations to encourage the safe development and implementation of primarily AI-MDs, and any other AI implemented in healthcare settings, as well as to aid in the navigation of HSA’s AI-MD registration requirements. This is important as there is an increase in the use of AI in healthcare in Singapore. 

AI is developing at a fast rate and the AIHGle will be used as a “living” document, whereby there will be periodical updates to the document. Updates and developments in the AI landscape will be incorporated into the AIHGle as deemed necessary. 

More details can be found in “Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Guidelines (AIHGle), October 2021”: https://www.moh.gov.sg/docs/librariesprovider5/eguides/1-0-artificial-in-healthcare-guidelines-(aihgle)_publishedoct21.pdf  

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