USA, FDA launched Guidance Snapshots

A brand pilot program has been launched in February 2020 by the US FDA on Guidance Snapshots.

These new Guidance Snapshots would be covering topics relating to modernizing drug clinical trials and accelerating drug development.

Three of these snapshots have been released so far. With 2 relating to recommendations on evaluating potential drug-drug interactions (DDIs) for new drugs through clinical and in vitro testing.

The 3rd is focused on developing targeted therapies in low-frequency molecular subsets of a disease.

These snapshots, which are about 2 to 3 pages long, would offer a detailed overview as well as recommendations.

The focus of this pilot program is to increase general public awareness and engagement for FDA guidance documents on innovative topics to support the efficient application of the guidance documents.

It is also warned by FDA that these snapshots should not be misinterpreted as a substitute for the actual guidance.

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