Vietnam MOH amend regulations for effective period of the import license and date of CSDT

Vietnam, Ministry of Health (Department of Medical Equipment and Construction) had a Business Dialogue Conference in regard to amended regulations on the management of medical equipment.

Here are some highlights on changes:

  1. Import license validity is till 31st December 2021 for Class B, C, D medical devices for all import licenses issued in 2018 (valid till 31st December 2018) and on import licenses issued in 2019.
  2. For Class B, C, D medical devices that don’t require an import license, importation can continue as normal until 31st December 2021 without a Confirmation Letter from the Ministry of Health, Vietnam.
  3. Vietnam is extending of application of CSDT format until 1st January 2022.

Every registrant should be clear and understand the medical devices and the regulations that are registered.

More details are in the link:

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