Vietnam MOH Implements Online System to Maintain Validity of Drug Licences

The Ministry of Health Vietnam has issued on 03 February 2021, Official letter No. 777/QLD-DK regarding implementation of online system to maintain the validity of drug licences.

The Drug Administration of Vietnam notifies the implementation to maintain the validity of the licences in the online system, specifically as follows:

1. The Drug Administration of Vietnam will publish information on the updated validity of the licence on the online website of the Drug Administration of Vietnam at:

Users will be able to display the official letter maintaining the 12-month validity of the licence.

Information on the expiration date of the licence is also displayed if the drug has maintained the validity of the licence.

2. During the continued validity period of the old licence, if licence is granted extension, the old licence shall continue to be valid at the same time with new licence for 06 months from the effective date of the new licence.

Relevant information of both the old licence and the new licence will be displayed by the online system at the same time to allow customs clearance search purpose.

3. Drugs that have official letters in paper form that maintains the validity period of the licence can continue to use them for import of the drug.

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